Team of Artists and Experts


Ann K. Hansen, Principal

Registered Architect, Registered Nurse.

B. Arch, Syracuse University School of Architecture

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing, Geneva, NY

Ann K. Hansen started the business in 1992 and has been graced with wonderful opportunities and clients since.  She always introduces ideas outside of the client’s wildest dreams while incorporating their thoughts and desires.  Ann is well versed in the building code and is able to evaluate the structural integrity.  She prides herself in her ability to keep a project moving forward while being a good listener and interpreter of client’s visions.


Anna Osterhout, Architectural Intern

Finger Lakes C. College

Anna Osterhout is the right hand woman.  She came from a building background and is able to easily visualize the possibilities in a renovation project.  She is an excellent designer and able to draft builder friendly drawings with great skill.  Anna is well revised in the Historied Preservation process including documentation of existing buildings and the Application Process.


Scott Heffner, Architectural Intern / Drafter / Designer

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

As a Baltimore native, Scotty has decided to stay at our Geneva office and add his expertise to this beautiful city.  He majored in Architectural Studies with a minor in Art History.  He brings a fresh vision to our firm with expertise in 3D modeling, kinetic sculpture, and wood working.


Michele Grooms, Fine Design

Rochester Institute of Technology

Michele’s Website

Michele Grooms is well connected to so many product representatives in the interior design realm.  She will open your eyes to the vast number of interior finishes available to make your project exceptional.  Her personalized and focused strategy makes her delightful to work with and always keeps the project on track.


Noel Chavez, Registered Architect, L.E.E.D. BD+C, Integrative Design & Architecture

University of Buffalo

Noel is a talented designer and very in tune with the green building potentials available today.  He is a master of timber frame design and is expanding his experiences with Passive Houses and Net Zero design.  He is very diligent in the construction phase and he’s a wealth of knowledge.


Kristen Prodromou, Architectural Intern

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, University of Delaware

Architecture Student, Finger Lakes Community College

Kristen is energetic and motivated.  With a bachelors in marketing, she has plans to reach far and wide.  She is a highly motivated architecture student with hands on experience in renovation and design.  As a sole proprietor of businesses, she understands the value of premiere customer service.  She is eager to learn and excited to design.


Lucas Hansen, Architectural Intern

Architecture Student, Wayne Central High School

Lucas is on the cutting edge of CAD Drafting using Revit for both, 3D and 2D modeling.  Growing up, he has been surrounded by architecture and construction through the development of his own timber framed home and frequent site visits.